An Overview of Our Policies 

1). Lessons must be canceled no less than 12 hours before the scheduled time or you will be subjected to pay for the session scheduled. 
2). If there has been no viable confirmation of your lesson within 2 hours of your scheduled session, it will be assumed that you are not coming and your slot may be filled. If you confirm within that 2 hour period and the instructor has not filled the slot then, at the instructor's discretion, you may come for that session. Lack of confirmation will lead to a $20 fee on top of any lesson fee that must be paid in full that day. Verbal confirmation that is not the day of the session does not count as confirmation. Your instructor will always reach out to you via phone on the day of the scheduled session to confirm. 
3). If you are more than 5 minutes late with no prior warning to the lesson, the instructor is not obligated to take your lesson into overtime. This is at their discretion and the mercy of their schedule. Your session will be paid for in full no matter the duration if prior notification of the tardiness was not communicated. 
4). No show fee is the lesson amount + $20. 
5). Lessons paid beforehand expire after 3 months. (Unless arranged differently with your instructor and has received studio approval.) 
6). Rude, disrespectful, abrasive or inappropriate behavior will result in your instructor terminating your session which will still be paid in full. Your instructor may also disinvite you from the studio. If this is the case, absolutely no refunds will be given. 
7). Cancellation of a competition or showcase within 4 weeks of the event will result in a $1,000 fee. 
8). All showcase and competition fees are non-refundable. In the event of special circumstances or emergencies, up to 45% of your payment may be put toward another event. Higher percentages may be allowed given studio approval. 
9). Invoices are available upon request for special events. 
10). Emergencies and special circumstances may be exempt from these policies.
11). Please use earphones for self-practice unless the studio is unoccupied.